Marius Azzi (1892-1975)

Azzi Aldrich
Still life

oil on canvas
signed, Azzi Aldrich, l.l.
16 x 20 inches


Azzi, who signed his works Azzi Aldrich, was born in West Hoboken, New Jersey. His father was the Swiss sculptor Peter Azzi. Azzi worked in San Francisco, California, until the outbreak of World War I. He served at a hospital in Lugano, Switzerland. Upon his return to America he settled in New York City, where he had a sculpture studio in Greenwich Village. He exhibited at the Gorham and Midtown galleries  in New York and was a part of the “Midtown Group,” along with Isabel Bishop. He also showed at the Cincinnati Art Museum in The American Exhibition of 1934 with the painting titled The Fish Bowl and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles, California. He was employed by the New York parks department as a sculptor.