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Pencil studies


"Studies for Wash Park NY '41 Harry A. Davis," l.l.

sheet 12 x 19 inches

small drawing verso



Harry A. Davis (1914-2006)

Davis, an American Regionalist, was born in Hillsboro, Indiana, and graduated from the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis in 1938. That same year he was awarded the Prix de Rome for painting at a national exhibition in New York City. His winning “Harvest Dinner” showed a rural Hoosier family. In 1941 was became artist-in-residence at Beloit College in Wisconsin. But World War II found him in the Army as a combat artist. He returned to Indiana to teach at the Herron, where he remained until his retirement in 1983. He showed in the Hoosier Salon for decades and had 60 one-man shows throughout his career.

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