Harlan Hubbard (1900-1988)

Harlan Hubbard

2 1/2 x 4 inches (image)
3 3/8 x 6 inches (paper)


Harlan Hubbard
  • Harlan Hubbard: The River's Artist
  • Howard Steamboat Museum exhibition catalog (water damage)
  • $450

Harlan Hubbard
  • Harlan Hubbard: 1900-1988: An Incredible Life
  • The Arts Council of Southern Indiana exhibition catalog
  • $100

Artist and author Harlan Hubbard was a native of Northern Kentucky. He received much of his early training in art in New York City and Cincinnati. He traveled down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers in a shanty-boat he built and returned to Kentucky to live at Payne Hollow, on the Ohio across from Madison, Indiana. He and his wife, Anna, lived in a home they built without any of the conveniences associated with modern life. Hubbard painted and made prints of the world he knew.