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Little cabin


signed, l.l.

oil on board

5 x 6 inches

6 x 9 inches with frame

Label: Edna Lewis Studios, Balto. MD



Edna Lewis (1891-1982)

Edna Lewis was a Baltimore, Maryland, artist whose works included paintings, silhouettes and metal plaques. One of her major outlets was the well-known Stewart's Gift Shop.


The artist was "a graduate of the Maryland Institute and had a B.S. degree from Columbia University, where she studied etching and watercolor under the instruction of Charles Martin and Arthur Young," according to a 1935 Baltimore Sun article. "She also studied with Ray Boynton at the University of California, passed a summer traveling in Europe visiting galleries and museums.”


A possible influence was the celebrated Baltimore artist Clarence Irving Ward, whose studio was next door to Miss Lewis' home in 1910.


The Edna Lewis Studios had a going-out-of-business sale in 1946.

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